"The foundation of my practice has four pillars of development: mind, body awareness and behaviour."

I initially started to explore the area of holistic development myself and, in time, I became more in touch with my inner self, in a way that other therapies that I had tried hadn’t given me.

As a Brazilian since childhood I had been encouraged to explore my own expressions, and this experience made me realise the value of feeling free and comfortable in and with your body, find out your unique path.

I have spent the last few years dividing my time between the very different worlds of Rio and London. This experience has taught me to be open and respectful of different people and their beliefs.

By expanding my vision, my work has grown also and for over 10 years I have been helping people to support themselves and to become more confident.

My aim is to enable people to discover and explore their energy fields, supporting them to reach their personal goals and in this way to enhance their lives. The foundation of my practice has four pillars of development: mind, emotions, body awareness and behaviour.

From a holistic point of view, I believe that to enhance our personal awareness, we need to develop our intellectual muscles to resolve conflicts combined with an understanding of our emotions.

Another crucial area is our awareness of our body. Most of our unresolved problems stay suppressed in the body, blocking our ability to find the balance between thought processes and emotional energies both in terms of understanding and expression.

Addressing these aspects we expand our energy levels and create an assertive behavioural pattern.

I really enjoy working with people, because it always feels fresh and I believe that life is two way road that we share our experiences. I also get great pleasure from seeing my client overcome their issues and create the life they want.