Astrocoaching  combines the Astral Chart reading and life coaching techniques. The reading of the chart is based on Natal Astrology (based on time, date and year of birth) and their significance. The reading is focused on psychological aspects, taking into account your family and socio-economical background. Most people live according to their family, and also, social rules which can repress their self expression. In this way people can become  unsatisfied, sometimes anxious and enable to manage their identities in life.

The aim of Astrocoaching is to help people to bring out unknown aspects of their personality and also to support them in reprogramming certain negative beliefs and attitudes in this is way it is possible to promote a natural way of being yourself.

Services: Astral Chart, solar return and transits, sinastry and chart coaching sessions.



" Renata is very sensitive, accurate and profound. She has a unique way to read the archetype which looks each person in their multiples layers." - Isabel, Rio de Janeiro