How Astrology works for children

All parents want the best for their children and want to nurture them to their full potential. But all children are different, so how can parents know if doing what's truly best for the child? How can they know whether they are in tune with their child's unique. individual needs? 

Astrocoaching is a powerful tools that combines Astrology and Life Coaching techniques in order to guide parents how to work in harmony with their child's natural qualities as well as how to avoid enforcing any inherent weaknesses an insecurities. 

From teenagers to newborn, you will gain invaluable insights into a personality that still being formed and shaped by so many things including yourself. By studying this dynamic relationship you will reach a greater level of understanding and take an important step towards a happier, more fulfilling life for both and your child. 


The answer lies in the body 

It is a therapeutic method that uses the gentle and non-invasive touch of the hands stimulating the body's natural healing mechanisms. The Integration CranioSacral therapy combines the study of biomechanics with biodynamics resulting in a more global look at how the body functions and the energy that comes from it.

Our body just like everything in the Universe expresses a rhythm, the rhythm of life. When we place our hands on our bodies in order to listen and feel beyond the lungs' breathing we can reach a deeper and more subtle rhythm, and this is what osteopath William Sutherland – creator of the CranioSacral system (1873 -1954) described as "Breath of Life".

By connecting with the “breath of life” the therapist can detect and support the body itself correcting imbalances in the central nervous system that can be caused by sensory, motor and neurological dysfunctions. These physical and also emotional dysfunctions present in all of us are caused throughout life - from birth to a recent traumatic event (physical or emotional).

For instance a twist in the foot at some point in life may appear later with a strong neck pain or even pelvis once the body has to adjust to maintain balance. When someone twists their foot there is a stretching of the muscle and this affects the fascia - layer that wraps our body from feet to head and are directly attached to membranes, bones, nerves, organs, veins. The fascias are also directly related to the emotions, since when we live something traumatic or we repress the emotions we restrict the muscles of the body directly affecting them. When we stimulate their relaxation, we release the emotions.

The Cranio-Sacral Integration therapy is apply with the patient lying on the couch with his own clothes, in a quiet environment and suitable for relaxation. The therapist connects with the patient's energy and uses the gentle touch of hands on different parts of the body, such as; Head, shoulders, spine, sacrum, legs, thoracic and abdominal region and feet.  The aim is to provide a deep mental, physical and emotional relaxation stimulating the sensation of lightness.

This sensation allows the body to release tensions, make room for fluid in the bloodstream and cerebrospinal fluid - crucial to the balance of the nervous system.

what is Coaching? 

The aim of Coaching is to support people to define their goals and ultimately achieve them. Coaching is an equal and synergistic partnership between the Coach and the Coachee. It works to increase the number of life choices for the client, to create new perspectives, new behaviour and new action in their life.

Because Coaching is a fast and profound tool for self discovery, self exploration and self determination. It is the method, most often used by successful people because of its autonomy and because it enables them to discover for themselves the best way to achieve their objectives.

Coaching suits for anyone who is committed to their own personal and/or professional growth.

Coaching is not therapy, counselling or mentoring. It doesn't work by telling you what you should do.  Coaching doesn't focus on past issues. It focuses on what you can do now to achieve what you want for the future. Coaching works in a practical and clear way. The Coach is going to hear the client's issues and they are going to work together to find a solution.