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craniosacral therapy - post graduate in trauma 

It is a therapeutic method that uses the gentle and non-invasive touch of the hands stimulating the body's natural healing mechanisms. This sensation allows the body to release tensions, which can help problems such as headaches, bad backs and also emotional issues like stress and anxiety.

The Craniosacral Therapy works in rhythm with your body which includes the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, tissues and bones. By addressing this it enables you to access your vital energies, bringing into balance.

Beneficial for:

Babies and Children: Highly beneficial in traumatic birth situations (forceps, respiratory complications and any other stresses experienced at birth), as well as childhood infections and illnesses. These events can result in physical and emotional consequences, including nerve compression, blood reduction to the brain, agitation, hyperactivity, shyness, lack of motivation, dyslexia, autism, restlessness, difficulties with sleep, among others.

Pregnant - relief of back pain, dysfunction in the pelvic region, stress, anxiety, among others. In addition to helping in the harmonious functioning of the body during childbirth.

Elderly: By attributing the subtlety of the touch of the hands, therapy is very effective for the elderly who, most of the time, suffer constant pains in the joints and difficulties in feeding, locomotion, headaches, whilst calming and giving emotional comfort.

Adults: The application of therapy encompasses a number of day-to-day benefits; Relieving back pain, migraine, deep relaxation, helps in recovery of  muscle twists, sprains and fractures.


“Craniosacral therapy is one of the most powerful body technique that I’ve tried. It helped me to release old patterns and improved my health.”
— Andrea - London