It is based on the beliefs of the Brazilian shamanic tribes, that are able to help you access some of the hidden psychological and emotional states that are carried within you. The view of the traditional western Psychology, concentrating more on the person’s immediate past, believes that our subconscious, relating to this, carries 90% of our mind patterns.

 In Energy Alignment Therapy we also address the patterns that arrive from our ancestors, going beyond our immediate family. The shamanic belief system also relates to our understandings of quantum physics. This science has proved that the smallest part in your body, the atom, is formed by energy not matter.

By using a sixth sense I can identify some of the underlying issues in your life at the present moment that you would like to address. This may include  difficulties in relationships, health, family environment, work,  social life and other aspects of life.

My role is to help make clients aware of their unconsciousness patterns of behaviour and beliefs to the client through vocalising/mirroring their emotional state. When we change our emotions we can change our state of mind and consequently behaviour patterns.


Healing Wheel 

The healing wheel is a therapeutic group meeting with the purpose of putting people in touch with the subtle energies within them so that they can transform and align these energies into a frequency of harmony and healing. These subtle energies can be the cause of imbalance in relationships, negative thoughts, blocked emotions, health problems and lead to obstacles in both your professional and social life.

The purpose of the wheel is to connect with our energy frequencies and to experience, using the law of resonance, that we are all one. In the healing wheel, one of the participants represents the group. They receive the therapy and everything that has healed is also shared amongst the other participants.