The Tarot cards are known as predictive tools, in fact, 78 archetypes that enable us to access our unconscious. They can be used effectively as tools of self development and they can also be used in a predictive way.  

The father of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, was the first to see the value and relevance of the symbols showing on the Tarot reading. According to him, the conscious and unconscious are linked and this connection can be seen through the archetypes of the taro cards.

The concepts on the 78 cards represent the journey that every human being will experience in their lifetime. In this way our path is revealed to us.

When we open ourselves to accept these messages, this enables us to allow our intuition to give us a deeper self knowledge, revealing what our rational mind can often ignore as we tend to have pre conceived views regarding our future.

The power of Tarot reading is through the way it reflects our feelings, including fears, complexes and unresolved emotions, often hidden from our perception. The value of taro reading is that it is able to reveal and unscramble these emotions in a way that gives us a clear direction and clarification about the subject that we want an answer to.