Renata is very sensible, profound and professional. She combines coaching tools, astrology and craniosacral therapy in a unique way, which looks each one in a multiple layers.
— Isabel, Rio de Janeiro

I was completely astonished after the session with Renata. Nobody had in my entire life describe my preferences, feelings and even challenges so accurate as she did. She has a unique way to mix the invisible word of symbols and archetypes with real life helping us to setting our goals. I am so glad for this opportunity!

— Jorge, enterpreneur - Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

I worked with Renata in the summer before my final year of university. I had been foundering academically due to my inability to properly manage my time and co-ordinate my studies.
With Renata I immediately felt at ease and she seemed to understand what my problems were even as I was explaining them. She was very perceptive and sensitive but also not afraid to show me where I might have been going wrong.
We worked together on better time management and more specifically, on how to separate my work and my play. Previously I had been letting work wash over me so that it became a constant worry whereas now when I go home, my mind is clear as better time management has allowed me to become more productive and as a result, much happier.
I found the coaching sessions very stimulating and although I had been dubious as to how much I would actually take away from them, this could not be further from the truth. I try to employ Renata’s positivity and message of carpe diem every day now and feel that my final year of university will not be wasted with worries or procrastination.
Thanks Renata!
— Harry - academic student - London/ UK

Craniosacral Therapy was the most profound body work that I could ever tried. At the first session I could already feel the release of my body helping me managing my emotion and give me clear thoughts. Renata has a very special energy and a high level of empathy!
— Kate - Tv producer - London/ UK